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Why you should buy Outdoor Republic hanging chairs?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We all love to hang out on our front porch, to seize all the daylight, and relax a bit. These products will make your life comforting and relaxing,

Some are the benefits are:

  • Reduces stress: Who doesn’t want to reduce their stress? No, being outside won’t change the situations that give you stress but it can help lower your cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone”. What’s even better? You don’t even have to DO anything, just BE outside. Being outside for even 5 minutes can reduces cortisol levels and by the way, cortisol produces belly fat…so just going outside basically doubles as exercise. Win-win!

  • Improves learning: You may love reading to your kids outside or giving them great hands on experiences with nature. Plus, they remind everyone of little fun the used to have in childhood.

  • Improves health: Vitamin D is essential for bone and cell growth, as well as building a strong immune system. Getting enough Vitamin D from food and supplements is pretty hard to do, getting out in the sun is the best way for you and your family to get the proper amounts of Vitamin D.

  • Improves Sleep: Our sleep cycles are regulated by our circadian rhythm, which is dictated by the rise and set of the sun. When we expose ourselves to sunlight our bodies naturally align with the sun’s rhythm leading to better sleep. The better we sleep, the better our bodies perform in general. Hmm….are you sensing a connection between the outdoors and an overall better existence yet?

  • Makes you nicer:  A study from UC Berkeley suggests that when people are exposed to natural settings, they are actually more inclined to engage in kind and generous tasks than those who are not. If you or someone you know has been a little edgy or grumpy lately, some time in the outdoors might be just what’s needed. Just think, what a little conversation on a hanging chair or porch swing could do to renew someone’s whole spirit.

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