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The Padre hammock chair is our exclusive Jumbo version of the Maui Hammock chair. The overhead bar stretches over 10 inches longer at 50" long making it one of the largest on the market. We also added 40 more loops making the "stretch" factor MUCH more wide for everyone. Just like the Maui the Padre is also made with the softest and most durable materials on the market. The handwoven netting will stretch as far as you need. Shown with a drink holder, magazine pocket and seat cushion it's ready for enjoyment all day long. Comes with a custom travel bag for comfort on the go. Includes an extension footrest for those extra long participants. We recommend the Sunrise stand for use with the Padre.



SKU: OR-25
  • Package arrives in box dimension 50x5x5. Lay out all pieces before assembly. Enjoy your Padre Hammock Chair Lounge. Clean any spots with soap and water. 

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